About Ethan Arnowitz

3D Interaction Designer


As a 3D interaction designer, my job is to understand how humans perceive the world and use that information to create intuitive, comfortable, and sustainable designs. My specialty is in implementing 3D interfaces for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. I graduated with a Master of Science in Human Factors Ergonomics from Cornell University where I completed my thesis, "Evaluating the impact of display medium (Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display vs. Screen Display) on perceived user experience and aesthetic value within virtual hotel environments."



My formal training in design has taught me how to use critical thinking to solve complex problems. Through a human centered design approach, my focus is to prioritize and advocate for users needs above all. I have held design positions at companies including Autodesk, Gensler, Equinox Gyms, and RAMSA Architects.



Through my master's program at Cornell University, I conducted an empirical research thesis with 80 participants. In addition to conducting large-scale empirical studies, I have performed a number of informal research studies including user testing, field studies, focus groups, surveys, and post occupancy evaluations.


3D Developer

My specialty is in designing and developing virtual 3D experiences, specifically for virtual reality. This involves applying my knowledge of human computer interaction to 3D interfaces. To create these experiences, I use skills including UI design, 3D modeling, and font-end development.



When working on a problem that requires input from multiple disciplines, collaborating with others is an essential component of the design process. Throughout my academic and professional experience, I've had the ability to collaborate effectively with engineer teams, clients, and senior management.



My passion as a storyteller and futurist is to connect branding, business strategy, and design to conceptualize the next generation of technology trends. This is often done through creating conceptual rapid prototyping. I have created videos centered on the future of design for Herman Miller, Gensler, and Autodesk.

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