Interface standards have been deeply explored on 2D screens, but VR provides an opportunity for 3D interactive interfaces. VR Marquee explores this by using depth to switch between menus. The interface features a radial design with three main menus, each with 8 tiles. Once the marquee menu is opened, the user can push the controller back to switch between different main menus. Within each main menu are relevant sub menus.

Marquee_Illustration Marquee_MainMenu

Touching the pad highlights over a specific tile. While highlighting a tile it expands, changes color, and a text description appears. The user can press the pad to select a button. Buttons will either select a tool and exit, or open up a sub menu. To switch between main menus, the user moves the controller away or towards them. If the user presses the trigger, this will lock it on the corresponding menu. If the controller is locked, moving the controller toward and away from the body does not change the menu.

Main Menu 1

Main Tools


Main Menu 2



Main Menu 3



Depending on the specific case use, the menu can be adopted to satisfy more or less functions. The main menus here are prototype placeholders that are generalizable to multiple applications and functionalities. This menu design was adopted from the popular marking menu used in applications such as Maya and Fusion 360. Understanding how to translate 2D to 3D interfaces is a critical step in developing novel VR experiences.


Buttons on the main menu can lead to corresponding sub-menus. Three types of sub-menu designs were created including tiles, color palette, and radial. The tiles option is similar to the main menu design, and features up to 8 tiles each with a different option. Seen above is the font style sub-menu. The color palette sub-menu provides a spectrum of color options. This sub-menu can also be incorporated with depth if additional tints are desired. Additionally, the color palette can also be integrated as a material palette. The final sub-menu design is a radial. This can be used for value sliders such as sound, size, opacity, etc.

Submenu 1



Submenu 2

Color Palette


Submenu 3


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