As part of my summer internship at Gensler in Los Angeles, I worked with three other interns under Robert Jernigan, the regional managing principle, to produce a video for the Gensler LA Vimeo page. All content is owned by Gensler.

storyboard1 storyboard2 storyboard3

This video focuses on the potential of Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) as a new urban residential area. After decades-long migration toward the suburbs, there is a resurgence of demand to live in urban areas. The residential population in DTLA is rapidly growing and expected to continue to grow at an exponential in the next decade. With this rapid population increase, where will future residents choose to reside and what services will support them? How will the streetscape and skyline of DTLA look in 20 years when the population has roughly quadrupled?

actionshot scene1 scene2 scene3

Areas of DTLA that are currently underdeveloped but have great potential were chosen as our case studies. After selecting our locations, we took pictures and sketches to inform conceptual renderings shown in the final video.

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