Restaurant - Cafe - Lounge - Hookah


First Floor - Restaurant Rendering


Basement - Hookah Lounge Rendering

Hourglass is inspired by the perception of warped time through geometry. The restaurant and cafe are expressed through angular geometric representations, while the lounge and hookah bar are inspired by organic shapes. The warped perception of time originates from the clash of new and old that embodies the Wilson Building. The main feature of the entire facility is a double spiral staircase. This staircase connects the three spaces and provides a central core.

fp1 fpbasement

(Top) First Floor Plan (Bottom) Basement Floor Plan

original1 original2

(Top) Existing First Floor (Bottom) Existing Basement

The facade of the Wilson Building faces South Salina Street, one of the busiest and most central corridors in downtown Syracuse. A staircase will be built into the sidewalk to provide street access to the lounge in the basement. The other side of the basement of the Wilson Building is open to a public courtyard connected to Armory Square, the heart of downtown Syracuse. Since there are currently no hookah bars in downtown Syracuse, Hourglass provides a great opportunity for nightlife activity.

elevation_1 elevation_2

Basement Interior Elevations

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