SONA Toilet

Sixth Annual Roca International "Jumpthegap" Competition

Roca's Jumpthegap Competition offers the opportunity to create and design innovative, sustainable solutions for the bathroom. My entry was 1 of 30 preselected works out of over 600 submissions from around the world.


Rendering of SONA toilet and Roca logo

In a time when the concept of self identity is changing, SONA offers a de-stigmatized bathroom experience, removing barriers to choice created by gender and age. It is based on the idea of a personal experience in a public space, no matter who that person may be.

This fixture responds to the changing fabric of society, with gender issues at the forefront and consumers wanting choice and automatization. With one fixture appropriate for any user, fewer fixtures are needed which results in water, energy, and material savings.

SONA_interface SONA_rendering2

(Left) Gestural Interface (Right) Rendering of SONA changing positions and UV sanitation

The interface above the fixture allows users to communicate with the system gesturally using nearfield communication technology. The user simply swipes their hand near their selections and the mesh is activated to assume the shape of the desired position. When the user flushes, a UV light sterilizes the surface and gives a visual indication to the user that it is clean.


Shown above are different combinations of settings chosen via the interface and the resulting shape assumed by SONA. Child-sized settings are smaller and closer to the ground, improving the child’s autonomy in a public setting. Elderly settings feature a slightly higher seat and angle to aid in getting on and off the seat.

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