Ethan Arnowitz Resume

Work Experience


Cornell University- Computer Graphics Lab

3D Interaction Designer (Full Time)

Full-Time position conceptualizing next generation design software including vSpline, a 3D modeling software for virtual reality. Initial findings were published at the 2017 Association for CAD in Archtecture (ACADIA) conference and featured on the Virtuality FB page gathering over 40k views.



Virtual Reality UX Designer - CG Generalist (Intern)

Exploring the possibilities of Autodesk developing software for virtual reality within the emerging technology team. By closely collaborating with engineers, we developed software for Autodesk’s existing design customers, ultimately prototyping space planning and 3D modeling software for VR.



Designer (Intern)

Creating a video exploring redevelopment opportunities in Downtown Los Angeles over the next 20 years. This video is a valuable tool for developers to envision future development trends in Downtown LA.


Cornell University

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Teaching Assistant for design and engineering studios focused on user experience, design strategy, visualization, and architecture.


Equinox Gyms

Design Strategist (Intern)

Helping to inform the design of future gyms by producing spatial matrices of Equinox’s existing portfolio of gyms.


Glen + Co.

Interior Designer (Intern)

Drafting concept renderings and material boards for Snack EOS, a now popular restaurant in Hell's Kitchen NYC.


Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Interior Designer (Externship)

Conducting historical research and preparing presentation materials for high-end luxury corporate interior design projects in NYC.



Cornell University

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Analysis
GPA 3.7

Master of Science in Human Factors + Ergonomics
Minor: Information Science (UX Design)
Thesis Topic: Evaluating the impact of display medium (Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display vs. Screen Display) on perceived user experience and aesthetic value within virtual hotel environments.
GPA 4.0


Tongji University - Shanghai, China

Green Building Leadership Program

Interdisciplinary workshop with a team of students from across the world working on applied sustainable building projects located in Shanghai’s iconic financial district. Workshop sponsored by Tongji University, the International Green Campus Alliance (IGCA), and the Sustainable Building Connection (SBC).



Herman Miller Student Video Contest

1st Place

This video focuses on the process of designing and implementing an active learning classroom at Cornell University, suggesting that the future of academic design is a result of a discussion between students, designers, and university officials.


MasterCard Innovation Express Hackathon

People's Choice Award

Breaking Bank won the People's Choice Award at the Innovation Express Hackathon at Cornell University sponsored by MasterCard and The Johnson School of Management.


Roca's "Jumpthegap" Competition


Roca's Jumpthegap Competition offers the opportunity to create and design innovative, sustainable solutions for the bathroom. This project was 1 of 30 preselected works out of over 600 submissions from around the world.



Association for CAD in Architecture (ACADIA)

Publication + Presentation at MIT Media Lab

I published and presented vSpline at the 2017 ACADIA conference held at the MIT Media Lab. This conference focused on disciplines and disruptions in the field of architecture and technology.


Society of College and University Planning (SCUP)

Panel Lecturer

Presented findings from designing an active learning classroom at Cornell University. Topics included how to engage students in the design process, how to design spaces for today's generation of students, and how to create modular spaces that can adapt to future curriculums.

Software Skills

Video + Animation


Web Development

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3D Modeling + Gaming

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