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Senior Designer

2018 - Present

Working on the Guides HoloLens team developing mixed reality applications for manufacturing, training, and service scenarios.

  • Worked alongside a multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, and data scientists to develop the ‘Guides’ application from concept to an in-market application. Released alongside HoloLens 2 in 2018.
  • Innovated by designing and releasing several unique HoloLens features, earning 6 patent awards.
  • Lead designer integrating "Teams" functionality into the Guides application, leading a multi-disciplinary team and being featured in The Verge.
  • Contributed to long-term product success by collaborating with managers on multiple-year product roadmaps.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by deploying Guides on-site to customers (Mercedes, PACCAR, GE Aviation, SNL Lavalin).
  • Streamlined development processes by serving as scrum master for successful feature releases.
  • Drove product innovation by leading a team of designers from proof-of-concept to shipping, including migrating from a gaze-based to touch-based interaction system.
  • Co-led a comprehensive user research studies to evaluate the product and identify areas for improvement, contributing to its ongoing success.
  • Built and maintained strong relationships with key customers, ensuring that the features met their critical requirements.
  • Fostered a diverse and inclusive work environment by organizing monthly DE&I meetings for a 75+ member team.
  • Made a positive impact by winning the Microsoft-wide "Pride Xbox" competition and gifting the winning design to charity.

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VR UX Designer - CG Generalist


Executed full-scale exploration of possibilities and opportunities for Autodesk to develop best-in-class virtual reality software, while collaborating with a top-performing emerging technology team in San Francisco.

  • Led the development of software for Autodesk design customers, yielding the successful prototyping of cutting-edge space planning and 3D modeling software.
  • Identified, mitigated, and resolved diverse technical constraints between design and engineering teams.

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Cornell University
College of Engineering

Faculty - 3D Interaction Designer


Conceived, designed, and developed software for Virtual Reality using Unreal Engine, resulting in the release of the open-source 3D modeling application, vSpline.

  • Created software for designers to sketch and edit within a 3D VR environment including input, modification, analysis, and physical output
  • Created a visually appealing and intuitive front-end UI/UX using the Unreal game engine
  • Contributed to the architectural community by presenting findings from the research at the Association for CAD in Architecture (ACADIA) conference at MIT, publishing a paper on the results.
  • Gathered valuable insights through weekly user research sessions with architecture students.
  • Boosted visibility and engagement by having work featured on the Virtuality FB page, attracting 40K+ views.

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Futurist Designer  


As part of my summer internship at Gensler in Los Angeles, I led a team of three other interns in producing a visionary video for the Gensler LA Vimeo page. We carefully selected three underserved areas of Downtown LA as case studies and created conceptual drawings to illustrate their immense potential.

  • Crafted a compelling story showcasing the potential of Downtown LA to become a thriving urban residential area in the next 20 years.
  • Brought to life the vision of a revitalized Downtown LA through visually stunning video and motion graphics production.
  • Partnered with artists to create eye-catching illustrations, emphasizing the redevelopment potential of underserved areas of the city.
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Cornell University

Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Demonstrated expertise in user experience, design strategy, virtualization, and architecture by effectively conveying course-specific information in design and engineering studios.
  • Developed strong leadership skills by actively facilitating student learning and demonstrating a hands-on approach.
  • Addressed any challenges or barriers faced by students in their academic and personal growth, effectively fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.
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Design Strategist


  • Developed innovative gym designs through thorough spatial analysis, production of spatial matrices, and related design efforts, with a focus on enhancing Equinox's existing portfolio.
  • Applied advanced architectural programming techniques to efficiently perform both analytical and design tasks.


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Master of Science 

Cornell University

Major in Human Factors Ergonomics
Minor in Information Science

Thesis - "Evaluating the impact of display medium (Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display vs. Screen Display) on perceived user experience and aesthetic value within virtual hotel environments."

GPA 3.98

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Bachelor of Science 

Cornell University

Major in Environmental Design and Analysis

GPA 3.71


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Pride Design Competition

As the winner chosen by the Xbox team at Microsoft, I was tasked with designing and producing a special edition Pride-themed Xbox One console for the Microsoft Pride campaign. My design received recognition, with over 20k likes on the Microsoft official Instagram and Twitter pages. Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the unique Xbox and controller served as a symbol of support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Underscore VC

Top 50 Young Enrepreneurs in the Northeast  

The Student Summit provides student founders with a unique chance to expand their knowledge, make connections, and interact with Boston tech leaders, executives, and investors, as well as their peers, at the Underscore VC Core Summit.

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Herman Miller

1st Place - Video Competition    

The video highlights the implementation of an "Active Learning Classroom" at Cornell University, which earned the top prize in the Sixth Annual Herman Miller Student Video Contest. The competition theme was "What's next in Learning Spaces," and the video showcases the process I went through in designing and constructing an active learning environment, proposing a future where students, designers, and university officials work together to continuously evolve learning spaces.


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vSpline: Physical Design and the Perception of Scale in Virtual Reality

Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA)

Through the development of vSpline, a modeling application for virtual reality, we explore the potential for design within a virtual spatial environment to blur the boundaries between digital and physical stages of design, and seek to combine the best of both virtual and analog worlds. By using spline-based closed meshes created directly in three-dimensional space, our software provides the capabilities to design, modify, and save the information in the virtual world and seamlessly convert the data to evaluate the printing of 3D physical models.We identify and discuss important questions that arise regarding relationships of perception of scale, digital-to-physical domains, and new methods of input and manipulation within a 3D immersive space.

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Brian Pene Headshot

Brian Pene

Director of Emerging Technology


"It’s not often you find someone with a strong balance of creative technical skills, a quality prose, and a passion for solving tough challenges. Ethan is a proactive and tireless multidisciplinary collaborator and experience designer whose contributions would be a great addition to any team. Throughout his internship at Autodesk, he went above and beyond expectations, delivering projects on time and leading the team in developing new/novel 3D interface designs for industry specific VR/AR applications. No matter the challenge or difficulty, he always offered solid plans with new approaches based on customer value and feedback. Ethan can easily work with engineers, designers, product managers and customers. He also exhibited leadership qualities based on the way he engaged others around a common vision and goals and pushed the team to go beyond what was thought possible while delivering projects on time. I would highly recommend Ethan for any experience design position."

Glen Coben

Glen Coben


Glen & Co. Architecture   

I had the pleasure of having Ethan as an intern for my firm . Using the word “intern” is not quite accurate, since Ethan essentially jumped right into our studio and became a vital member of several projects, contributing his considerable design talents and adding an extra set of hands to the development and documentation of two restaurant projects.

Prior to starting his summer with us, Ethan prepared a list of goals that he wanted to accomplish that summer. By the end of the 8 weeks, Ethan had surpassed every goal, not just checking things off a box, but showing how he had addressed each and every topic with either newly acquired skills or how he approached each “task.”

Beyond the professional commitment and skills that Ethan brought to my firm, we will miss his spirit. He was adored by our team and wasn’t shy when it came to asking questions or seeking out help and support from our staff.

I highly recommend Ethan to any firm looking for a bright, enthusiastic and highly skilled designer.

Sandra Tripp Headshot

Sandra Tripp

Director of Design


As the Director of Design for Equinox, I had the distinct pleasure of working with and overseeing Ethan on the space analysis/club comps project .

Ethan was a last minute find for us, as we did not get approval for an intern until well past June – fortunately, Ethan was open to doing a part time internship – working for us the days that had available after securing another job for the summer. His flexibility did not end there – once we got him set up with his assignment, he worked extra nights and weekends to make sure that his portion of our project was delivered .

Ethan is unique in that he not only has a great organizational sense and the technical know-how to contribute on this particular assignment, but he also learned quickly how to integrate these ideas with our larger organizational objectives and this made it easy for us to trust him with confidential information. Additionally, Ethan demonstrated professionalism and respect by timely submitting his status reports and communicating clearly in meetings with the variety of staff members that he was exposed to. Our team was impressed by how he quickly acclimated to the task at hand and took ownership of the process and procedures setting forth a great template for how we can manage this information moving forward.

I therefore strongly recommend Ethan for his future educational and professional endeavors. I am confident he will be a strong asset to your program, and bring the same get it done attitude and professionalism that he brought to us.

Kathleen Gibson Headshot

Kathleen Gibson


Cornell University

"Ethan is a strategic thinker. He dissects design problems and explores relevant issues from multiple angles in order to develop mature and inspiring solutions. Evidence of his design acumen is well documented in his portfolio. Moreover, Ethan is excellent in a group. He is an effective listener, contributes without controlling, is willing to share and mentor others, and works tirelessly to produce the highest quality output. As my teaching assistant, Ethan was a knowledgeable resource and taught one module with outstanding results. While at Cornell, Ethan has earned the respect of his peers, faculty members, and administrators. Last year, he was recognized by the department as an Outstanding Senior. He is one of our best alumni and I believe that during his career he will make substantial contributions to society and the field of design."

Madeline Winer

Madeline Winer

Design Student

Cornell University 

"I took a UX Design Studio with Ethan as the Teaching Assistant. Ethan was a great TA, he has a very unique design perspective and was always able to provide me with helpful pieces of information and thoughtful advice."